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These are all available entries for this region. Business names blocked together mean that the factory remained the same while the name of the business or the proprietors changed; it does not matter which name you select as they all lead to the same page.

If you can not find the town or company you are looking for, please check the To-Do-List as it may be that the manufacturer in question is not included yet. You could also send me an email and ask for further info.

Entries displayed in red text are only available for members. Visitors only needing a hint can send me an email, they will receive a free basic ID and/or mark dating without having to register.


Mitchell, Woodbury & Co.
Benjamin F. Hunt & Sons


Home Interiors & Gifts (HomCo)


Burley & Tyrrell
Geo. Zoltan Lefton Co.
Lefton-Pacific Inc.
Montgomery Ward


Toyo Trading Co.

New Rochelle

Charles Sadek Import Co. Inc.

New York

Arnart Creations
Arnart Imports, Inc.
Ferdinand Bing & Co.
Ferdinand Bing & Co. Successors
Gustav M. Thurnauer
Gustav M. Thurnauer & Bro.
G.M. Thurnauer Co. Inc.
Leon D. Bloch & Co.
J.B. & W.
New York Merchandise Co. Inc.
Paul A. Straub & Co. Inc.
F.W. Woolworth Co.


Zeh, Ebeling & Reuss Co.
Ebeling & Reuss Co.

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