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[1] Mitchell, Woodbury & Co.

This retailer was only added as reference for various marks found on German and Silesian porcelain items. While Mitchell, Woodbury & Co. itself was located on Pearl Street in Boston, Charles Henry Woodbury lived in Allston. Probably the best long-time seller were items made by the Lamberton Works which had started off 1869 in the Port of Lamberton in Trenton, New Jersey and had been founded by George Comfort, Thomas Bell and Jonathan Stewart. In the end the company was bought by the Maddock Pottery Company in 1892 and remained the Thomas Maddock & Sons Lamberton Works until it branched off in 1924 and was renamed to Scammell China Company. But that is only a short note on the many Lamberton items, actually I wanted to say that many of the foreign sets sold via Mitchell, Woodbury & Co. actually came out of Germany, especially from the Upper Silesia region.



Image 020801-01-01

Mark on an item made by the Reinhold Schlegelmilch factory in Suhl (Thuringia).


Image 020801-01-02

Another example, also on an item made by the Reinhold Schlegelmilch factory.


Image 020801-01-03

Marking on an item made by the Striegauer Porzellanmanufaktur from Silesia.


Image 020801-01-04

"Thistle" is the decoration name. Original item producer in this case was the Moritz Zdekauer factory.


Image 020801-01-05

Same mark type used by an unknown producer in Saxony, marking with "Royal Saxe China".


Image 020801-01-06

Another laurel wreath one, "Laurel China" and "Made in Czechoslovakia".
(Picture: Trina Hiemstra)


Image 020801-01-07

This one shows "Hnad Painted" above "Germany".


Image 020801-01-08

An example of a very simple mark without any additions.


Image 020801-01-09

Reads "Handpainted" above "Germany".


Image 020801-01-10

Reads "Handpainted" above "Prussia".


Image 020801-01-11

Reads "Handpainted" with a rectangular border around "Made in Germany".


Image 020801-01-12

One of many typical Lamberton set markings.

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