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[1] Charles Sadek Import Co. Inc. (1936 until 2015)

The Charles Sadek Import Company was founded in 1936 by the father and son team of Charles and Norman W. Sadek and started off by importing large numbers of figurines and such from manufacturers in Japan. Over the years various suppliers from countries like China, Thailand, and other low-wage countries provided a " ... wide range of selections offering the finest quality at exceptional value ... ". Such items where, for example, sold under the Andrea by Sadek brand, named after Norman's daughter Andrea (often incorrectly claimed to be the daughter of Charles).

During later years the Sadek business also included another division, J. Willfred. Charles Sadek passed away 1970-JAN-05 at the age of 76; Norman W. Sadek passed away on 2010-NOV-13 at the age of 92. Business continued under the president Jim Sadek (Norman's son) as well as Andrea and Lauren Sadek, both vice presidents, until Sadek was taken over by Fitz & Floyd in 2015.


This entry is a good example why not to rely on business information systems, even if they provide an "inform of changes" function. In this case I learned of their closure years after the fact during correspondence with a visitor. Sure, it was my fault for not having double cross-checked now and then, but what use are those sites if you have to check everything manually anyway?



Image 020807-01-01

Post-WW2 mark with a golden item number and leading "G".


Image 020807-01-02

Another item number with leading "G" and some remains of an old sticker.


Image 020807-01-03

Nice clear marking showing the "M-xxx" number in red.


Image 020807-01-04

Here one can just make out the red "M-" and the ending "0" of the item number (left hand side).


Image 020807-01-05

Sticker with "Andrea by Sadek" on a Japanese Kutani item.


Image 020807-01-06

Sticker with "Andrea by Sadek" on a different Japanese item.


Image 020807-01-07

Sticker with "Andrea" and capital "S" used in the 1970s (info by Sadek themselves); this mark shape was already used in 1960s newspaper ads.


Image 020807-01-08

Mark of the Winterthur series, earlier version with "Andrea by Sadek".


Image 020807-01-09

Mark of the Winterthur series, a later used version.


Image 020807-01-10

One of the last mark forms used, here with "Made in Thailand".

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