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Marks on German, Bohemian and Austrian Porcelain

by Robert E. Roentgen
Schiffer Publishing (Exton, Pa.) 1981

The book flaws mentioned here were all reported by various visitors, I do not own a copy myself. Some of these errors are also found in various newer (and apparently improved) editions, implying that those books are nothing but recycled and untested re-issued of older versions. You should perhaps check the other entry on Roentgen which contains a lot more info.

Bodenbach (Bohemia)

Info on some Schiller & Gerbing marks is wrong. There also never was a connection with the Isleworth Pottery.

Kahla (Thuringia)

C.A. Lehmann & Sohn was established 1895 (not 1910) and closed 1937 (not "circa 1935").

Kronach (Bavaria)

Mark shown as Martha Budich is actually long proven to be that of Karl Klette.

Meissen (Saxony)

Notes on Carl Thieme and the complete proceedings regarding sales of licenses/rights/molds to Lorenz Hutschenreuther (Selb, Bavaria), Stockhardt & Schmidt-Eckert (Kronach, Bavaria) as well as Bloch in Czechoslovakia are incorrect (and sometimes contradict).

Mildeneichen & Raspenau (Bohemia)

The Porzellanfabriken Robert Persch (by then owned by G. Robrecht) closed 1930 and not "some time in the 1920s".

New York (USA)

Importer/distributor L. Straus & Sons was owned by Lazarus Straus (and not Lewis Straus).

Plaue (Thuringia)

The info on the von Schierholz factory is full of errors and it is also claimed that the factory was bought by the Porzellanmanufaktur Tettau in 1996. That is nonsense, it was bought by Seltmann Weiden which then put it under control of mentioned subsidiary which Seltmann owned since 1957.

Reichmannsdorf (Thuringia)

The Porzellanfabrik Hermann Leube was already established in 1881 (not 1945).

Schweidnitz (Silesia)

The "decorating studio R.M. Krause" actually was the Majolica- und Steingut-Fabrik R.M. Krause which existed between 1882 and 1930.

Selb (Bavaria)

The Hutschenreuther green encircled L.H.R. mark was not introduced 1887 but used by the art department between 1955 and 1968. Earlier normal production versions of that mark were always impressed.

Suhl (Thuringia)

The Swallow mark of Erdmann Schlegelmilch was used between 1886 and 1910 (and not "ca. 1896-1938").

Waldenburg (Silesia)

The info on the Krister company shows a stylized crown above the initials K.P.M.; that mark is *NOT* (as claimed) a Krister mark but evidently that of the importer/distributor Arnart Creations, New York.

Miscellaneous #01

Mark shown as "unknown Bavarian decoration studio" is Burley & Tyrrell in Chicago (USA).

Miscellaneous #02

Mark shown as "probably Jena, Bareuther & Co." is an unknown import company from the USA.

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