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[1] : Porzellanmalerei Leni Parbus (1904 until 1955)

Leni Parbus, who had started decorating porcelain as an hobby, opened her own decoration studio located in Oberkotzau (Bavaria) in 1904. There is not much known about her work and life but she had at least two customers outside Germany which received their pieces with a slightly modified mark.

[2] : Porzellanmalerei Erich Parbus (1955 until 2005)

Even if the studio seemed to have closed shortly after 1955, her son Erich Parbus (born 1939) still owned a small decoration studio in September 2005 but that closed end of the year.


Most marks applied by the Parbus studio were so-called ⇒cover-up marks. Please view the corresponding vocabulary entry by simply clicking on the highlighted term here if you need an explanation.


Image 1-01
Used before 1914. Simple golden mark on otherwise unmarked blanks, export version with 'FOREIGN'.
Image 1-02
Used before 1914, ⇒cover-up mark type I with 'FOREIGN'.
(Picture by Terry De La Fuente)
Image 1-03
Cover-up mark type I over 'GERMANY'.
(Picture by Pat Martin)
Image 1-04
Cover-up mark type I over 'GERMANY', the colors of the mark are rather peculiar.
Image 1-05
Same as before but with an additionally stamped 'ECHT GOLD 22 KRT'.
(Picture by Cecilia Sharp)
Image 1-06
Another mark version, this time with an included 'GOLD 22 KRT' addition.
Image 1-07
Cover-up mark type I, but here with 'IMPERIAL' instead of 'BAVARIA'; this was another export mark.
Image 1-08
Simple golden mark used on otherwise unmarked blanks, here with 'MADE IN GERMANY'.
Image 1-09
Golden mark used on otherwise unmarked blanks, here on a cobalt-decorated item.
Image 1-10
Golden mark used on otherwise unmarked blanks, another example of the previous mark.
Image 1-11
Cover-up mark type II with 'MADE IN GERMANY'.
(Picture by Jacqueline Kacprzak)
Image 1-12
Used between 1945 and 1949, cover-up mark type II with 'MADE IN GERMANY' over 'U.S. ZONE'.
Image 1-13
Used between 1945 and 1949, cover-up mark type II with 'MADE IN GERMAN' (the 'Y' is missing) over 'U.S. ZONE'.
Image 1-14
Used between 1949 and 1955, cover-up mark type II in green and gold.
(Picture by Meri Thomas)
Image 1-15
This one is really peculiar: the Parbus decorator mark itself again covered up by another artist!

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