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[1] Porzellanmalerei Leni Parbus (1904 until 1955)

Mrs. Leni Parbus started decorating porcelain as an hobby, opening her own decoration studio in the small town of Oberkotzau in 1904; she did not mark her products at all during the first years. There is not much known about her work and life but she had at least two customers outside Germany which received their pieces with a slightly modified mark.

[2] Porzellanmalerei Erich Parbus (1955 until 2005)

Even if the studio seemed to have closed shortly after 1955, her son Erich Parbus (born 1939) continued business, often using the old name or including "L. Parbus" in his marks. His small decoration studio was last mentioned active in September 2005 but closed end of the year.


Most marks applied by the Parbus studio were so-called cover-up marks. Please view the corresponding vocabulary entry by simply clicking on the highlighted term here if you need an explanation.



Image 010229-01-01

Cover-up mark which reads "Bavaria", without any additions.
(Picture: Anita Couwenbergh)


Image 010229-01-02

Cover-up mark which reads "Bavaria", "hand painted" addition.


Image 010229-01-03

Used 1946 to 1949: cover-up mark which reads "Bavaria", "Made in Germany" and "US Zone" additions.


Image 010229-01-04

Used after the war for export to countries which had blacklisted "Germany"-market products.
(Picture: Brian Warshaw)


Image 010229-01-05

Used between 1949 and 1955.
(Picture: Meri Thomas)


Image 010229-01-06

Used after 1955, note the additional "Imperial" placed above the cover-up.


Image 010229-01-07

Used after 1960, note that "Imperial" was included in the transfer.


Image 010229-01-08

Used after 1960, included "Imperial" plus "hand decorated" addition.


Image 010229-01-09

"Imperial" replaced by "Bavaria", here a version with "Germany" addition.


Image 010229-01-10

Another version with "Germany" but also an "Echt Gold 22 Krt." addition.


Image 010229-01-11

An open version used when no manufacturer mark was to be covered. Standard version with "Bavaria".


Image 010229-01-12

An open post-WW2 "Foreign" version, used for export to countries which had blacklisted "Germany"-market products.


Image 010229-01-13

An open version used later on, with "Made in Germany" addition.


Image 010229-02-01

A mark used by her son: cover-up version with "L. Parbus" on top, "Oberkotzau" underneath.
(Picture: Vicki Christian)


Image 010229-02-02

A mark used by her son: open "L. Parbus" and "Oberkotzau / W.-Germany".


Image 010229-02-03

A mark used by her son: "Porzellan Manufaktur Parbus", "Oberkotzau Bavaria" and "handgemalt".

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