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(factory decoration) and the strongly related term fabrikdekoriert (factory decorated) are not often found as mark additions on items themselves, even if both terms were coined by various high tier manufacturers as a method to counter both low tier manufacturer goods as well as the (re)decoration craze kicked off by some hobbyists and decoration studios.

Retailers and distributors commonly used these terms in their advertisements and catalogs, hoping to profit from the quality aspect. Unlike high tier manufacturers, which had their transfer decoration sheets designed for specific body shapes, most low tier manufacturers applied templated transfer decorations which were freely available from various printing houses. Next to not always really matching the body shape, these ready-made transfers were also often sold on a non-exclusive basis, meaning that the same decoration could be found on items from different manufacturers.

The secondary aspect, wanting to move in against (re)decorators, was a direct result of market development. Too many decoration studios had been established and good decorators were rare, meaning that the main part of the job was done well below factory standards. Manufacturers, retailers and distributors therfore reminded customers that a good decoration always had a certain price and in some cases, cheap studio-decorated wares were presented as bad examples of what to expect when relying on such (re)decoration jobs.

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