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is of course the city in Saxony which gave a whole decoration style its name. Mark additions like Dresden Art as well as Dresdener Art or Dresd'ner Art all state the same, namely that the piece was decorated following Dresden style.

But the name Dresden on an item can be much more than that, a simple note of origin for example. Some decorators living and working in Dresden never used florals or decorated in a completely different (even Meissen) style.

A mark stating Dresden also does not prove that the item was actually decorated there. Everybody that learned the trade in Dresden was entitled to use that term, as long as he stuck to the rules of Dresden-style decoration.

And finally, we have the non-German references. Many ceramic items for example also show the name Dresden as they were made at the Dresden Pottery Co. from East Liverpool, Ohio. The best-known non-German reference however would be the former German company of Müller & Co. which moved to Dromcollogher in Ireland and there coined the term 'Irish Dresden'.

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