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A term/name often found in context with figural items is the Bossierer (engl. "embosser") which is widely tranlated as sculptor even if that is not quite correct. The job includes checking and manually cleaning up complete (or single-fired parts of) figural items after they come out of the mold following a first firing. Main job however is the proces of joining together the single pieces of one figure.

Porcelain mass is prone to shrinkage and warping during the process of drying whilst being fired. While simple figures may be slip-cast, more complex figures require construction from multiple parts which are all fired on their own before they are assembled into the final form. The Bossierer positions the single pieces as required and then sticks them together using porcelain slip, forming the final figure. After a short drying cycle the figure is fired once again, completing production of its basic whiteware form.

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