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This list contains grouped links to various porcelain or ceramics-related homepages and forums which may be interesting as they provide further information on aspects not covered by PM&M.

Generic Services & Fora :

eBay Pottery, Glass & Porcelain forum
A shadow of its former self, 'nuff said!
Kovels (forum)
The badly kept Kovels website forum.
Stein Marks
English site on beer steins.
Unknown Ceramic Makers' Marks ID Project
Site geared towards mark identification.
German website on patent history.
German website on steam engines and locomotives.
Austrian website on soap, for which various materials were used during wars.

Denmark :

Nobel Antik
Danish website on Danish goods (and some forgers/fakers).

Germany :

DPMA (Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt)
German Marks and Patents Office
Gerold Porzellan
Collector website, Gerold Porzellan.
GinFor's Odditiques
Collector website, German ceramics.
Collector website, Schumann Porzellan Arzberg.
German website on Jugendstil and Art Nouveau tiles.
German website concentrating on Kalk/Eisenberg items.
Swiss website, a ceramics museum.
German website on companies in and around the city of Lichte.

Netherlands :

English website on Dutch Gouda Art Pottery and Delftware

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