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[1] Paul A. Straub & Company, Inc. (1915 until 1970)

Paul A. Straub founded his company in the year 1915 and at first concentrated on importing items manufactured at the Gräflich Thun'sche Porzellanfabrik Klösterle (in English often simply named Count Thun factory) from the town of Klösterle in the Austrian part of Bohemia (today Klášterec, Czech Republic).

All of these items were from one large item family supposed to be like the porcelain originally produced at the former Royal Porcelain Factory in Vienna and the mark used on these items was actually a dedicated export mark owned by the Gräflich Thun'sche Porzellanfabrik Klösterle and had previously been used on items handled by three New York importers: PH Leonard had been the first until his bankruptcy in 1898. He was succeeded by Bawo & Dotter who took his place for a short time before being replaced by Charles L. Dwenger, followed by Straub around 1915. Logically nobody can nowadays say who actually imported specific items based on the mark alone.

Straub also had German contacts, including the factory in Tirschenreuth and that of Lorenz Hutschenreuther from the city of Selb. Next to the non-exclusive Hutschenreuther forms #970 (PASCO "Blenheim") and #7658 (PASCO "The Richelieu"), Straub also was sole US distributor of Hutschenreuther's own "Novum 65" series, which was offered as plain white ("Novum 65"), with an abstract blue border ("Novum 65 Blau") or with a stylized blue flower ("Novum 65 Blaue Blume").

In the UK, that right had been acquired by the company of Charles F. Bristol & Son which, on a very small scale, exported various items to the US. Protecting his rights as US distributor, Straub therefore filed a registration for the "Novum 65" word mark on October 8th 1965; it was officially registered in the US on July 12th 1966 under registration №·0811013. In 1970 however the Straub business was sold to HMW Industries (from Stamford/Connecticut) which continued to import Hutschenreuther items through a subsidiary, Wallace Silversmiths. The "Novum 65" trademark remained untouched by this and the US registration finally expired on January 14th 1989.


The PASCO importer mark was used between around 1948 and 1970. Even if it is often found in conjunction with Hutschenreuther manufacturer marks, this does not mean that everything showing only the PASCO mark is automatically Hutschenreuther; in fact those otherwise unmarked items were often made by the Tirschenreuth factory. Anyway, here is an (incomplete) name reference table:

Body No. / Name Reference Table
PASCO NamePASCO #Produced by
Blenheim 970Lorenz Hutschenreuther
The Troy 2379Tirschenreuth
n/a (unnamed) 2758Tirschenreuth
Noel 3748Tirschenreuth
The Maple Leaf 7578Lorenz Hutschenreuther
(a.k.a. #7837)
(The) Richelieu 7658Lorenz Hutschenreuther
(on "Racine" body)
The Montrose 7699Lorenz Hutschenreuther
(on "Juwel" body)
The Revere 8045Lorenz Hutschenreuther
(on "Sylvia" a.k.a. "Form 90590" body)
Sylvia 9039Lorenz Hutschenreuther
(on "Sylvia" a.k.a. "Form 90590"body)
Mandalay 31372Lorenz Hutschenreuther



Image 020813-01-01

Importer mark used from around 1885 by Leonard, then Bawo & Dotter followed by Charles L. Dwenger and finally Paul A. Straub.


Image 020813-01-02

"PASCO" mark addition on Tirschenreuth product (dated 1938-1969 per mark version).


Image 020813-01-03

"PASCO" mark on "The Richelieu" series produced by Hutschenreuther.


Image 020813-01-04

"PASCO" mark addition on Hutschenreuther product (dated 1968-1970 per mark version).

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