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[1] Porzellanfabrik Rudolstadt AG (1918 until 1931)

Only little is known about this company and many people claim that it was the successor of the the Porzellanfabrik Rudolstadt Straus & Söhne AG. That however is only partially correct. During the First World War the German part of the US corporation was expropriated and continued under a new management structure.

This newly created company had nothing to do with its US mother company anymore, producing its own range of restaurantware with around 250 workers in 1930 and employing renown decorators like Adolf Josef Tieze (*1876, †1949). A few management errors had already weakened their position on the market when the shockwave of the US stock market crash in October 1929 reached Germany. The corporation was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1931.


I can not say if markings like the shown Field China version were customised towards a certain customer, what I can say is that these items are exactly the same as those with the regular factory mark.



Image 011236-01-01

Used between 1924 and 1932, basic mark form registered under RWZR №·327·694 on January 28th 1925.


Image 011236-01-02

Used between 1924 and 1932, here with "Made in Germany" addition.


Image 011236-01-02

Used between 1924 and 1932, here with "Germany" addition.
(Picture: Ronald McCutchan)


Image 011236-01-03

Some items were made by this factory but then marked differently, as in this Field China example.
(Picture: Ronald McCutchan)

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