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[1] Porzellanfabrik Galluba & Hofmann (1888 until 1937)

The company of Galluba & Hofmann started off specialized on decorative porcelain, porcelain dolls and gift items. Most collectors will probably know Galluba & Hofmann as manufacturer of 'snow babies', but these were only a small part of the product range which also included other figures that were mainly designed by G. Mardersteig or the sculptors Poertzel and Leuthäuser. Some pieces were created by Siegismund Wernekinck, who also worked for Metzler & Ortloff.

The business reached its highest employee count in 1913 and at that time gave work to over 300 people, by then mainly producing luxury porcelain for export. Official records show that only a mere 140 people still worked for Galluba & Hofmann in 1930 and in 1937 the factory was closed.


When viewing the marks please hold in mind that there are two marks are missing as I could until now not find them depicted anywhere. One is claimed to just show the initials "G&H I", the other "Galluba" above "Marmorzellan"'.



Image 011220-01-01

Registered at the RWZR under №·10·092 on 10th October 1895.
(Picture: Rachel, Pam & Bruce)


Image 011220-01-02

Used from 1895 onwards, same as before, only above "Marmorzellan".


Image 011220-01-03

Used between 1897 and 1910, impressed.


Image 011220-01-04

Used between 1905 and 1937, registered at the RWZR under №·81·694 on 20th September 1905.
(Picture: Rachel, Pam & Bruce)


Image 011220-01-05

Used between 1905 and 1937, green version, initials "G" and "H" on a shield, here above "Marmorzellan".


Image 011220-01-06

Here is an example in gold which also includes the addition "Germany", no dates known.
(Picture: Mike Walker)


Image 011220-01-07

Another example of the golden mark, this time showing more detail of the crown.


Image 011220-01-08

Here is an example of a red version carrying the addition "Germany".
(Picture: Karen Kast-McBride)


Image 011220-01-09

Here is an example of an orange version carrying the addition "Germany".
(Picture: Carol Jones)


Image 011220-01-10

Registered at the RWZR under №·144·259 on May 19th 1911. Just "Galluba", the two "L"s are next to each other.


Image 011220-01-11

Perfect example of the previous mark together with the standard type.

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