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[1] Porzellanfabrik Morgenroth & Co. (1866 until 1919)

The factory belonged to a Jewish industrial who produced many fancy items and figures until he sold the factory to A. Hecker around 1912. The new proprietor continued business under the old name and kept the Morgenroth product range; in addition he then also produced miniature tea sets for children, dolls and toys until he himself sold the factory to Friedrich Schwab.

[2] Porzellanfabrik Friedrich Schwab & Co. (1919 until 1929)

Friedrich Schwab and his partner Svabbe Böning produced lots of tableware as well as luxury items; these were mainly intended for export and decorated in the Meißen and Copenhagen styles, but the factory ran into problems after the US stock market crash and was forced to close the same year.



Image 011210-01-01

Rays with the word "Schutzmarke" inside above "M" above "Gotha". The rays symbolise a sunrise, derived from Morgenroth.


Image 011210-01-02

Another variation of the same mark.
(Picture: Rachel, Pam & Bruce)


Image 011210-02-01

Used 1919 until 1929, registered at the RWZR under №·235·574 on September 24th 1919.
(Picture: Rachel, Pam & Bruce)

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