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This was not a single factory but the result of different companies that were first nationalized and then merged under a single name. The confusion this created with collectors is understandable. Because of this, I have finished the company history of the single facilities and linked them up to this entry to show the "end" of all the different parts.

[1] VEB Spezialkombinat Porzellan Eisenberg (1973 until 1976)

As mentioned above, this factory was a forced merger of different companies. The Eisenberger Porzellanfabrik F.A. Reinecke had already merged with the Porzellanfabrik Wilhelm Jäger in 1960, resulting in the company Vereinigte Kunstporzellanwerke Eisenberg which was the first part of the new collective combine. The second part of the collective combine was the very successful Porzellanfabrik Kalk GmbH and the third part was the company of Porzellanfabrik Bremer & Schmidt which had been founded in 1896 and in this case was also responsible for the basic shape of the mark used by the combine. The newly founded collective combine was supervised by the VEB Vereinigte Porzellanwerke Kahla, but this kind of merger could not work out for long, one of the reasons was that special refinement facilities were missing.

In addition, international sales of products made in the German Democratic Republic were slowly declining in some areas and at the same time the logistics behind the different combines and facilities had reached a point that was short to breakdown. The Kahla combine, actually a favourite of the state, came under pressure because it could not reach its planned target. In order to survive the discussions on rentability it was decided to close different facilities and the first one having to close down was the former Reinecke factory of the Vereinigte Kunstporzellanwerke Eisenberg in 1975, followed by the former Porzellanfabrik Kalk GmbH together with the Porzellanfabrik Bremer & Schmidt facilities in 1976. The last part to close was the former Jäger factory of the Vereinigte Kunstporzellanwerke Eisenberg in 1979.



Image 011206-01-01

Used between 1973 and 1976.


Image 011206-01-02

Used between 1973 and 1976, blue version.


Image 011206-01-03

Used between 1973 and 1976, reddish version with "Made in GDR" and "K 5".
(Picture: Jules Honour)


Image 011206-01-04

Used between 1973 and 1976, reddish version with "Made in GDR" and "6".
(Picture: Ivan Golsky)


Image 011206-01-05

Used between 1973 and 1976, green version with "Made in GDR".
(Picture: Tetyana Bilyachenko)


Image 011206-01-06

Used between 1973 and 1976, green version with "Made in GDRD"
(Picture: Kaitlyn Vaglia)

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