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Grenzhausen (Höhr-Grenzhausen)

[1] : Steingutfabrik Merkelbach & Wick A.G. (1880 until 1921)

The company of Merkelbach & Wick was founded 1880 in the town of Grenzhausen, a small town that merged with the neighboring towns of Höhr and Grenzau in 1936, resulting in the town of Höhr-Grenzhausen. The company mostly produced beer steins, ewers and vases and applied their trademark to their products as impressed version comprised of the fancy letters 'M&W' above 'Gr.' and all enclosed in a circle. The letters stand for Merkelbach & Wick and 'Grenzhausen'; it is common for the mark to be only partially impressed or indistinct.

[2] : Steingutfabrik Wick Werke A.G. (1921 until 1984)

Although the company dissolved in 1921, the Wick side of the firm continued operation of the factory under the name Wick Werke ⇒A.G.. Only fine earthenware and porcelain products had a stamped ink underglaze mark, stoneware always had an impressed mark.


Image 1-01
Used between 1880 and 1921.
Image 1-02
Used between 1880 and 1921.
Image 2-03
Used between 1921 and 1937.
Image 2-04
Used between 1921 and 1937.
Image 2-05
Used between 1921 and 1937.
Image 2-06
Used between 1937 and 1960.
Image 2-07
Used from 1960 onwards.
Image 2-08
Used from 1960 onwards, impressed.
Image 2-09
Used from 1960 onwards, here a relatively shallow version.
Image 2-10
Used from 1960 onwards, here with 'MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY' addition.

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