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[1] Porzellanfabrik und -malerei Greiner & Herda (1886 until 1943)

In 1886 Greiner & Herda opened a decoration studio in Oberkotzau and started to decorate fine porcelain from different manufacturers. They were very successful and themselves very interested in porcelain production process. Greiner had put an impressive amount of money in the company and decided to at least give it a try. This resulted in different modifications on the premises which finally enabled the company to slowly start producing porcelain items between 1905 and 1907. Right from the start they were able to sign various contracts including one with the US distributor George H. Bowman Co. from Cleveland, Ohio, who quickly became one of their main customers. Around 1913 the factory already had a workforce of 150 people and the product range was at its largest at this point. The workforce constantly increased up to 200 people in 1937, the year in which Greiner retired and Karl Herda became sole proprietor. Over the years the company of Greiner & Heida offered a wide range of household items and decoration porcelain with a special focus on coffee and tea sets.

Let me just note that Herda in 1894 teamed up with Bofinger to establish the company of Herda, Bofinger & Co. oHG which itself founded the porcelain factoy Kloster Vessra near the town of Themar; this partnership lasted until 1912.

[2] Porzellanfabrik Neuerer KG (1943 until 1953)

In the year 1943 Hans Neuerer took over the factory from Herda and it barely managed to survive World War II. But it had a great start after the war and the workforce count reached the old numbers of 200 people in 1949, producing coffee and tea sets as well as decoration porcelain items. Over the years the business was renamed to show the changes in its product range.

[3] Elektroporzellanfabrik Hans Neuerer (1953 until 1982)

As Elektroporzellanfabrik Hans Neuerer (which confusingly was also referred to as Porzellanindustrie Neuerer at the same time) the company concentrated on producing technical porcelain, especially electric percolators which carried the brand names Aromat and Aromator. The factory had a good reputation for producing porcelain insulators and such but eventually ran into financial difficulties, forcing Hans Neuerer to close his business in 1982.


The "Prof. Karl" mentioned as part of some markings was the designer, the professor Franz Karl.



Image 010228-01-01

Used from 1886 onwards, a crown flanked by "G" and "H", here with "Bavaria".
(Picture: Matthew Feichter)


Image 010228-01-02

Used from 1886 onwards, same as before, here with "Germany".
(Picture: Fran Kerbs)


Image 010228-01-03

Used from 1888 onwards, with "GHB Co." addition on items produced for distributor George H. Bowman Co. from Cleveland, Ohio.
(Picture: Patricia Maher)


Image 010228-01-04

Used from around 1900, note that it just reads "GHO" for Greiner, Herda & Co., Oberkotzau.


Image 010228-01-05

Used from around 1900, another example of the "GHO" version.
(Picture: Fran Kerbs)


Image 010228-01-06

Used from around 1905, with "GHB Co." addition on items produced for distributor George H. Bowman Co. from Cleveland, Ohio.
(Picture: Fran Kerbs)


Image 010228-01-07

Used between 1924 and 1943, reads "Oberkotzau" and "Greiner Herda".
(Picture: Fran Kerbs)


Image 010228-02-01

Used between 1946 and 1949, shield mark above "Germany US Zone" and "Bavaria". Note the small "KG" under the "N".


Image 010228-02-02

Used between 1946 and 1949, "Neuerer Qualitätsporzellan above shield mark and "Germany US Zone" above "Bavaria".


Image 010228-02-03

Used between 1949 and 1953, same as before but with "West Germany" above "Bavaria".


Image 010228-03-01

Used between 1953 and around 1970, "Bavaria" above basic shield mark without "KG" and a "Entwurf Prof. Karl" addition.


Image 010228-03-02

Used between 1953 and around 1975, this time on the bottom of an Aromator device.


Image 010228-03-03

Used between 1953 and around 1982, "Bavaria" above the plain shield mark without "KG" or other additions.


Image 010228-03-04

Used between around 1970 and 1982, with "Made in Germany" addition.

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