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[1] : Porzellanfabrik Keramika, Inh. Arno Apel (1954 until 1974)

This small factory produced a few semi-vitreous items next to all kinds of decoration porcelain goods including smoke consumers and an impressive range of figures for such a small business. In the end however the firm failed to find it's own niche and was closed down after twenty years of operation.


Only the two versions shown below are genuine Arno Apel. At least one Asian company exists that uses a 'crown-above-double-A' mark and various re-sellers frequently try to pass their junk off as original Arno Apel products.


Image 1-01
Used between 1954 and 1974, most used mark.
Image 1-02
Used between 1954 and 1974, the not quite as often seen second company mark: 'PORZELLAN' and 'APEL' above 'BAVARIA'.

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