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[1] : Porzellanfabrik Oscar Schaller & Co. Nachfolger (1920 until 1950)

During 1920 the textile factory located in Kirchenlamitz was taken over by the ⇒Porzellanfabrik Oscar Schaller & Co. Nachfolger located in Schwarzenbach (Bavaria), which at that point was a branch of the ⇒Gebrüder Winterling O.H.G. in Röslau (Bavaria). It was quickly converted to a porcelain factory to support the production of the other company parts.

The director or the factory Eduard Winterling was announced freeman of the town Kirchenlamitz on December 15th 1938 together with the industrial Rudolf Wächter, who led the ⇒Porzellanmanufaktur Rudolf Wächter which was also located in Kirchenlamitz.

[2] : Porzellanfabrik Gebrüder Winterling A.G. (1950 until 2000)

In 1950, the Gebrüder Winterling company had corporation status and gave out shares, the main shareholders being the Winterling family members themselves. All daughter companies were re-named to Gebrüder Winterling ⇒A.G. and the marks used up until then were changed.

[3] : Triptis Porzellan G.m.b.H. & Co. K.G. (2000 until 2004)

After the bankruptcy of the Winterling A.G. in November 2000 the factory and mark were taken over by the ⇒Triptis Porzellan G.m.b.H. & Co. K.G. located in Triptis (Thuringia). But the management had bitten off more than they could chew and confronted with large scaled financial problems, the Triptis company went insolvent on October 7th 2004 and had to file for bankruptcy a month later. In June 2005, the Triptis company was refounded as Neue Porzellanfabrik Triptis G.m.b.H. and continued business, please view the Triptis entry for further info.


Image 1-01
Used from 1921.
Image 1-02
Used from 1921.
(Picture by L. Wright-Cutsinger)
Image 1-03
Used from 1921.
(Picture by Fabrizio Celentano)
Image 1-04
Used from around 1935.
Image 1-05
Used from around 1935, this version was registered at the ⇒R.W.Z.R. under №·476·908 on June 22nd 1935.
Image 2-06
Used from 1950 onwards.
Image 2-07
Used from 1950 onwards, here with manufacture codings.
(Picture by Dagmar Schmelzing)
Image 2-08
Used from 1950 onwards, with curved 'QUALITÄTS-PORZELLAN'.
Image 2-09
Used from 1950 onwards.
(Picture by Dagmar Schmelzing)
Image 2-10
Used from 1950 onwards, here from the 'CONSTANZE' series.
Image 2-11
Used from 1960 onwards.
Image 2-12
Used between 1979 and 1985, the elaborate 'ARABELLA ATELIER PORZELLAN' mark
Image 2-13
Used between 1979 and 1985, the basic 'ARABELLA' mark - note that some items state 'ARABELLA' only.
Image 2-14
Used between 1995 and 2004, mark of the 'TAKE IT' series.

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