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Hummendorf bei Kronach

[1] : Porzellanmanufaktur Fritz Popp (1942 until ...)

The small business was founded in 1942 by Fritz Popp and even if next to nothing is known about the business itself one can say that it seems to have existed at least until 1984 as there are various collector plates out there marked and dated as such. Sources contradict on the real description of the business and even if the name 'Porzellanmanufaktur' may indicate own production it is often stated that it was only a decoration studio, especially as many early items at least show 'real' manufacturer marks (e.g. Zeh, Scherzer & Co. or Gerold Porzellan). One can draw own conclusions in that matter as Fritz Popp was part of the advisory board of the church building society founded on June 14th 1952 which designed and constructed the Dr.-Martin-Luther church in Hummendorf. In this official function he was always quoted to be 'Porzellanmalermeister' (a master porcelain decorator) and not a 'Porzellanhersteller' or 'Porzelliner' (both manufacturer titles).

Another problem regarding this firm is the location additionally mentioned: while the mark itself shows 'Hummendorf' and 'Kronach' the town of Hummendorf over time was part of the municipalities of Kronach, Küps and Schmölz before after a short time of independence it was during the regional reorganization in 1972 finally integrated into the newly founded larger municipality of Weissenbrunn. Note that Hummendorf itself had been a part of the Weissenbrunn *parish* the whole time!


The mark used by Fritz Popp is more than hard to read as it mostly is applied in a way that always makes it look truncated, warped or smudged. Thus the initials in its center have often been claimed to be 'P V' or 'D F' even if a combination of both guesses is correct: the superposed letters are 'f P' (small, long 'f' and capital 'P') for Fritz Popp.


Image 1-01
Used from around 1943 onwards, here a commonly found 'misprinted' form.
Image 1-02
Used from around 1943 onwards, one of the clear examples.
Image 1-03
Used from around 1943 onwards, clear example with 'MADE IN GERMANY' addition.
Image 1-04
'ART GERMANY' mark to be found on some Popp items. A secondary mark or unknown 'real' manufacturer?

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