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Cortendorf (Coburg-Cortendorf)

[1] Porzellanfabrik Julius Griesbach (1890 until 1973)

In 1890, Julius Griesbach founded this factory in Cortendorf (today part of the city of Coburg) which is also the home of the Hermann family that produced the famous Hermann teddy bears. The factory was able to utilize many different materials and next to a few porcelain items it actually mainly produced various household stoneware items including a large variety of mostly animal-shaped cofee and tea pots, most of which were sold unmarked to the U.S. company of Ebeling & Reuss from Philadelphia. Especially during the period between 1955 and 1960 the wall masks that were produced by the Cortendorf factory created a hype in Germany but the factory also received the iF award in 1958 for the casserole series "Brilliant". Further iF awards were rewarded in 1959 for the casserole "Kasserolle 9571a", a not further defined dessert bowl and the bowls named "Schüssel 9580" and "Schüssel 9578".

Around 1963, the Cortendorf factory presented an additional series which matched the demand for "teak style" items. These items were produced at the Achental-Keramik Gertraute Griesbach in Staudach-Grassau but concept, design and marking (a crowned "RS") came from the interior decoration studio Raumschmuck Dr. Irmgard Fenner which was connected to the Griesbach family per business and family bonds. All own production ended after the factory was taken over by the famous W. Goebel company from Rödental in 1973.



Image 010206-01-01

Early Cortendorf mark surrounded by a single-line frame with the addition "Foreign".
(Picture: Rachel, Pam & Bruce)


Image 010206-01-02

Used from 1952 until around 1960, a "C" under a stylized crown (often mistaken with the letter "W") surrounded by "Made in Western Germany".


Image 010206-01-03

This one clearly shows the 'crown' as three lines and the surrounding "Made in Western Germany".
(Picture: Rachel, Pam & Bruce)


Image 010206-01-04

This one shows the frame surrounding "Made in Western Germany" as single line.
(Picture: Annie Esgro)


Image 010206-01-05

This one shows the frame surrounding "Made in Western Germany" as single line.
(Picture: Fran Kerbs)


Image 010206-01-06

Used from around 1960, the Cortendorf logo over "W. Germany".
(Picture: Fran Kerbs)


Image 010206-01-07

"Cortendorf" over "Made in W. Germany" over script handgemalt.


Image 010206-01-08

Just the name "Cortendorf" with the addition "Made in W. Germany" underneath in small print and "handgemalt".
(Picture: Fran Kerbs)


Image 010206-01-09

Sticker version just showing the logo over "Cortendorf", no country of origin stated.


Image 010206-01-10

Another sticker version. "Cortendorf" above "handgemalt" over "Made in W. Germany".
(Picture: Fran Kerbs)


Image 010206-01-11

Simple impressed version of the "Cortendorf" mark, without any country of origin ...


Image 010206-01-12

... and the same as stamped version.
(Picture: Fran Kerbs)


Image 010206-01-13

Used between 1950 and 1973, a crowned "C" over "Cortendorf" (shown here with "Foreign" addition).
(Picture: Sandra Munday)


Image 010206-01-14

Used between 1958 and 1973, a crowned "Friedrichsburg".
(Picture: Heiko Haine)


Image 010206-01-15

Used between 1958 and 1973, typical example of the previously mentioned mark in green.


Image 010206-01-16

Used between 1958 and 1973, the not often encountered "Kronen-C" mark.

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