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Neuhaldensleben (Haldensleben)

The two independent villages of Althaldensleben ("Old Haldensleben") and Neuhaldensleben ("New Haldensleben") existed until 1938 before they were merged into the town of Haldensleben. In the case of Ley & Wiedermann the business was originally located in the Neuhaldensleben part of later Haldensleben.

[1] Porzellanmanufaktur Ley & Wiedermann (1924 until 1930)

Unlike the other companies located in Haldensleben the small company of Ley & Wiedermann only produced porcelain. Not much is known of this company but it instantly ran into financial problems and was already forced to close in 1930.



Image 011010-01-01

Used between 1924 and 1930, a four leaf clover without any additions.

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