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Neuhaldensleben (Haldensleben)

Note that the town name may cause confusion depending on the source: the two independent villages of 'Althaldensleben' (Old Haldensleben) and 'Neuhaldensleben' (New Haldensleben) existed until 1938 before they merged into the town of 'Haldensleben'. In the case of 'Sauer & Roloff' the business was originally located in the Neuhaldensleben part of later Haldensleben.

[1] : Steingutfabrik Sauer & Roloff (1908 until 1929)

The small company of Sauer & Roloff produced a variety of porcelain and stoneware items for normal everyday household use. Even if the items were of good quality the business generated did not really increase on the long run and so the company dissolved in 1929.


Image 1-01
Used between 1908 and 1929.
Image 1-02
Used between 1908 and 1929, a mark type one would normally expect on British goods.
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Used between 1908 and 1929, registered at the ⇒R.W.Z.R. under №·117·809 on May 17th 1909.

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