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Neuhaldensleben (Haldensleben)

Note that the town name may cause confusion depending on the source: the two independent villages of 'Althaldensleben' (Old Haldensleben) and 'Neuhaldensleben' (New Haldensleben) existed until 1938 before they merged into the town of 'Haldensleben'. In the case of the 'Saxonia Porzellanfabrik' the business was originally located in the Neuhaldensleben part of later Haldensleben.

[1] : Saxonia Porzellanfabrik Georg Bennewitz (1927 until 1932)

The factory founded in 1927 by Georg Bennewitz had the shortest production span of all companies originating in Neuhaldesleben. It produced normal household porcelain for merely five years before it was closed down again. Rumour has it that the company ran into problems after simply copying the 'China Blau' series registered by the company of ⇒Carl Hans Tuppack from Tiefenfurt in Silesia (which also closed shortly afterwards, but for a completely different reason).


Image 1-01
Used between 1927 and 1932, initials stand for 'Porzellanfabrik Saxonia Neuhaldensleben'.
Image 1-02
Used between 1928 and 1932, stylized 'P.S.N.', registered at the ⇒R.W.Z.R. under №·387·031 on May 29th 1928.
Image 1-03
Used between 1928 and 1932, stylized 'P.S.N.', with 'CHINA BLAU', registered at the ⇒R.W.Z.R. under №·387·032 on May 29th 1928.
Image 1-04
Used between 1928 and 1932, example.

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