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Althaldensleben (Haldensleben)

Note that the town name may cause confusion depending on the source: the two independent villages of 'Althaldensleben' (Old Haldensleben) and 'Neuhaldensleben' (New Haldensleben) existed until 1938 before they merged into the town of 'Haldensleben'. In the case of 'Schmelzer & Gericke' the business was originally located in the Althaldensleben part of later Haldensleben.

[1] : Porzellanmalerei Schmelzer & Gericke (1885 until ????)

Even if this company was registered officially as a porcelain decoration studio they also (re)decorated stoneware and majolica items and their marks can be found on otherwise unmarked pieces which could either mean they received total blanks or actually decorated porcelain but self created stoneware items. What makes it a little complicated is the fact that the fine stoneware items represent the same style that was used by ⇒Schiller & Gerbing which of course also used an 'S&G' mark - however the original Schiller & Gerbing mark is impressed whereas the Schmelzer & Gericke mark is stamped onto the item.


Image 1-01
Used directly from the start until registration of their new mark this one is often confused with Schiller & Gerbing.
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Used from 1886 onwards, registered at the Königliches Amtsgericht zu Neuhaldensleben under file №·5 on March 26th 1886.

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