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Category 'Bone China Lace'

'Bone China Lace' is merely a handle for items with the marks shown here, based on the often present addition stating exactly that, as the manufacturer behind these items/marks is unknown (as far as I could see). Needless to say, these items are not even Meissen-related and claims by some resellers that these figures were made "with Meissen molds" is absolute nonsense.

What is known however is that the manufacturer was located in Japan and sold items via various distributors, most of which were located in the USA. One example would be the ⇒New York Merchandise Co. Inc., perhaps better known under the brand/trademark Wales China; yet another company marked with the Orion brand.


Image 1-01
Stamped crossed swords mark together with the 'BONE CHINA LACE' addition.
Image 1-02
Same as before, note the different color combinations.
Image 1-03
Here is a close-up of the stamped crossed swords mark, whilst ...
Image 1-04
... this picture shows the alternatively used raised (inmold) crossed swords.


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