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Mark Image #1
Unknown (Asia)
Repro mark found on Asian imports.
Mark Image #2
Unknown (Asia)
Circle with a single slash.
(Picture by Graham Smith)
Mark Image #3
Unknown (Asia)
Circle with double slash.
(Picture by Roy Cooke)
Mark Image #4
Double-slashed 'S' on figures that all appear far too new. Claimed German, but show non-German digits.
Mark Image #5
Another example. Note that the figures appear brilliant and new while the artificially aged bases scream 'repro'.
Mark Image #6
Repro mark dubbed AP1900, found on porcelain tiles with reprints of Alfons Mucha designs.
Mark Image #7
A rare case in which this mark is actually accompanied by 'JAPAN', preventing sellers from digging up their usual 'antique French' (or similar) nonsense.
Mark Image #8Made in Japan; often claimed to be German Gebrüder Voigt (Sitzendorf, Thuringia) mark.
Mark Image #9
Unknown (Asia)
Looks like a mark used by the Aelteste Volkstedter. However theirs was applied by hand and not stamped like this repro mark.
Mark Image #10
Unknown (Asia)
Made-up mark imitating either late Vincennes or early Sevres.
Mark Image #11
Unknown (Asia)
Found on reproductions, this made-up mark strongly reminds one of a mark formerly used by the Porzellanwerk Kahla (Kahla, Thuringia).
Mark Image #12
This one looks like a combo of Kahla and Torgau marks.
Mark Image #13Repro mark, double circle containing the letters 'J-B-T' and 'ANNO 1906'.


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