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This page originally started off under the handle United Wilson, a factory claimed to be from Hong Kong. They sometimes used a white label with red lettering stating 'UNITED WILSON PORCELAIN FACTORY' and 'MADE IN THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA'; the mark they used is pretty neatly captured in the first image. Hold in mind that shown mark clearly states '1879'.

For quite a while now, the second mark type was also known as United Wilson even if the date did not match. The items were exactly the same and of course the initials 'UW' matched, so nobody really bothered. But holding in mind what I know about these marks, the handle UW1897 seems more appropriate. Looking at the last two marks shown here, the UW1897 obviously changed to WL1897. And that of course rings the ⇒WL1895 bell.

I assume that the WL1897 was followed by the WL1895 mark. But unlike previous mark versions, that one kicked up too much dust and was soon 'burned' (identified as repro mark). As consequence, various distributors switched to the AM1895, HIW1866, JBT1906 and LRIA1898 marks (which by now should also be well-known repro marks).


Image 1-01
The year underneath is '1879', craquelure glaze.
(Picture by Jan-Erik Nilsson)
Image 1-02
UW mark in blue, the year is '1897', craquelure glaze.
(Picture by Steve Bowles)
Image 1-03
UW mark in red, the year is '1897', craquelure glaze.
Image 1-04
UW mark in red, the year is '1897', craquelure glaze.
Image 2-05
WL mark in red, the year is '1897', reads 'HAND PAINTED'.
(Picture by Marc Eerdekens)
Image 2-06
WL mark in red, the year is '1897', reads 'HAND PAINTED'.


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