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Porzellanmanufaktur Neundorf (formerly also known as Neundorf Zierporzellan) was a brand mainly distributed by the Antik 2000 G.m.b.H. company from the Bavarian town of Waging am See. That company owned four (as they named them) "factory outlet stores", which sounded great, but they never actually produced anything and most items sold there were cheap Asian imports. Similar items (actually the same, only with differently customized marks) can also be found elsewhere, for example on the website of the Neundorf counterparts in Belgium and the Netherlands. Just like those, the company behind the Neundorf name started off with porcelain items and later expanded their range to reproduced oil paintings and other decorations, next to a wide range of small furniture pieces.

Around August 2011 I heard a rumor which was soon confirmed: the business behind all this must have discussed reclining sales and constantly increasing prices of their Asian suppliers. The last time I checked (mid-January 2012), the website stated that they were not ordering items any more due to the increased prices and were now merely selling off existing stock. At the same time the website stated that the outlet store in Gelsenkirchen was supposed to close "in 2013" (was still active in November 2013).


Image 1-01
No date known, an older mark showing the 'NZ' (Neundorf Zierporzellan) in a wreath, here in gold.
Image 1-02
No date known, another example of the 'NZ' and wreath, here in black (it can also be found in blue).
Image 1-03
No date known. A slightly newer version, this time including a crown and the writing 'ORIGINAL NZ PORZELLAN', blue underglaze.
Image 1-04
Used around 2004, note the curved 'NEUNDORF'.
Image 1-05
Neundorf logo, introduced late in 2006. Repro based on an old mark originally used by the company of ⇒Ludwig Wessel from Bonn.
Image 1-06
Used around 2007, note the straight 'NEUNDORF' and 'GERMANY'.
Image 1-07
Used around 2008. Repro based on an old mark originally used by the company of ⇒Oscar Schaller in Schwarzenbach, here with crown.
Image 1-08
Used around 2008. Same as before, but without a crown this time.
(Picture by Rafal C.)
Image 1-09
No date known. The eagle is in form of the old 1970's 'Bundesadler'.
Image 1-10
No date known. Repro based on an old mark originally used by Hermann Ohme from Niedersalzbrunn/Silesia.
Image 1-11
No date known, looks similar to some KPM or RPM marks.
Image 1-12
This is the (probably) newest 'Neundorf' mark (found 2011).


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