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Dealing with items from the Nazi period is not an easy matter, mostly because people really interested in the historic context are all too easily believed to be politically suspicious. While I do not like actually helping modern-day believers in Nazi ideology, I must always hold in mind that there are many people around that ask out of normal historic interest.

The whole sector of Nazi memoribila is literally flooded by reproductions and fakes, most of which are all too easily defaced as such. Of course I can often easily recognize a fake, however I will not do the forgers a favor by listing valuable pointers. The following examples of repro base marks were found on items which were actually advertised and sold as modern day reproductions, only to turn up as "rare treasures from the Führer-Bunker" on another site a short time later.


Image 1-01
Double Sig-Rune above 'ALLACH'.
Image 1-02
Fake Bauscher Weiden mark above 'SS-REICH' and '1941'.
Image 1-03
⇒MDASDA mark above fake Bauscher Weiden mark.
Image 1-04
Mark found on a piece by Steinmann from Tiefenfurt.
(Picture by Marek Dittmann).

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