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Category 'JBT1906'

This mark popped up in 2009, shortly after the ⇒Wl1895 mark had been identified as repro mark and business in that sector collapsed. The business responsible for the 'JBT' mark is definitely not hiding or doing anything illegal, but sells the same brass/ceramic contraptions formerly sold under the 'WL1895' brand. On top, it sells everything from so-called Tiffany™ lamps over porcelain figures and ship model replicas right up to framed art.

For obvious reasons I do not mention the exact location or company name of this importer/distributor as some dubious resellers would merely use this information to add a new supplier to their list, but rest assured that I have visited the company showrooms more than once (for educational purposes only, of course).


Image 2-01
First mark version. Simple black mark, 'JBT' above 'ANNO 1906'.
Image 2-02
First mark version. Simple black mark, 'JBT' above 'ANNO 1906'.
Image 2-03
Second mark version. Black rings and blue center, 'JBT' above '1906' (missing 'ANNO').
(Picture by Jasna Petrovic)


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