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Freiwaldau (Polish 'Fryvaldov', Czech 'Jeseník')

[1] Freiwaldauer Porzellanmanufaktur H. Schmidt & Otremba (1884 until 1888)

Gustav Otremba had established a small porcelain decoration studio in 1845 which was fairly successful. As the whiteware the studio purchased appeared far too expensive, Otremba later teamed up with H. Schmidt and started production of own items, mostly basic consumer goods like cups and tableware, shortly before he decided to retire.

[2] Porzellanfabrik Freiwaldau H. Schmidt (1888 until 1923)

Schmidt continued alone for the next years. Even though he tried to keep up with customer taste for a while, his main product range remained the same. The business eventually lost more and more customers, and Schmidt decided to sell the factory.

[3] Bing Glas & Keramik KG Nürnberg, Abteilung Freiwaldau (1922 until 1929)

The Bing family from Nürnberg (Bavaria) purchased the factory and produced fine tableware which was either sold in Nürnberg or exported to a related store in London (England).

[4] Porzellanfabrik Freiwaldau Robert Tietz (1929 until 1932)

The factory was once again sold, this time to the businessman Robert Tietz, who concentrated on tableware and a few decoration items. Financial problems due to the ruined economy following the stock market crash forced him to close in 1932.



Image 020702-01-01

Used between 1887 and 1894. One of the first marks which represents a tower located in the area which was built in 1730.


Image 020702-01-02

Used between 1887 and 1894. Scpter above the initials "FPM".


Image 020702-01-03

Used between 1887 and 1894, here a blue underglaze example.


Image 020702-01-04

Used between 1894 and 1923, registered at the Königliches Amtsgericht Sorau under №·68 on May 30th 1894.


Image 020702-02-01

Used between 1894 and 1923, sometimes found with Handmalerei addition.


Image 020702-02-02

Used between 1922 and 1923, registered at the RWZR under №·282·532 on March 17th 1922.


Image 020702-03-01

Used between 1988 and 1929, the Bing Glas & Keramik mark.


Image 020702-04-01

Used between 1929 and 1932, the last mark used at the factory.

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