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Greis (Griže) bei Cilli (Celje)

[1] Filialfabrik für Steingut, Ludwig R. Schütz (1891 until ????)

After the Schütz brothers divided the businesses included in the Gebrüder Schütz Handelsgesellschaft between themselves, Ludwig Richard Schütz fully took over the former joint-owned factory in Pletrowitsch (Petrovče) near Cilli and then established this small subsidiary. It did not use its own marks and only produced utensils like bowls, plates, chamber pots, jugs, etc.; occasionally items were also decorated there. As there was no door-to-door postal service back then, all mail went to the main post office in Greis; telegraph and railroad freight contacts were listed as being "Sachsenfeld, Steiermark, Österreich".

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