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Biela bei Bodenbach (Bělá u Podmokly)

[1] Porzellan-, Majolika- und Fayencefabrik Julius Dressler (1882 until 1944)

In 1882 Julius Dressler founded his business in the small town of Biela. Construction and first firing tests took until 1884, reason for the varying factory founding dates given. Dressler's work was inspired by both the Art Nouveau and Vienna Secessionist movements. He also liked to experiment with different body materials and glazes, this resulted in a wide array of faience, maiolica, and porcelain items. The business was later owned by the widow, Mrs. Hulda Dressler, and then went to his son, Karl Dressler. Under Mr. Otto Faust as managing director the factory became part of the EPIAG group in 1920 and was abandoned in 1944.


Location explanation: Biela was a small town near Bodenbach which in turn was located near much larger Tetschen. Due to the political changes following the end of Word War I the area became part of the newly founded state of Czechoslovakia. From 1918 onward Biela was therefore called Bělá and Bodenbach became Podmokly (which can also be found called Podmokel in German) whereas the city of Tetschen was renamed Děčín. Podmokly eventually became the fourth district of Děčín and is since Děčín IV; Běla eventually became the tenth district and is nowadays Děčín X.



Image 020101-01-01

Used around 1900, tower mark with initials "JDB".


Image 020101-01-02

Used around 1900, another example from a different angle.


Image 020101-01-03

Used 1910 to 1918 with extra "Austria" (with none, or "Czechoslovakia" until 1930).


Image 020101-01-04

Used from 1930 onward, with initials "JDB". The black smear at the bottom actually reads "Dressler".

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