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[1] Porzellanfabrik Weißenstadt Dürrbeck & Ruckdäschel (1920 until 1962)

This business was founded in 1920 by Christian Dürrbeck and Heinrich Ruckdäschel. It mainly produced commodities and small gift items which were very successful so that the company slowly grew until it had around 120 workers registered in 1930; both the good reputation and full order books carried the business on until around 1955. From then on, based on various disagreements followed by wrong design decisions, business slowly declined until the factory was forced to close in 1962.



Image 010252-01-01

Used between 1928 and 1933, registered at the RWZR under №·387·030 on May 29th 1928.


Image 010252-01-02

Used between 1928 and 1933, same as before but included in the retailer mark of "Heinrich Sittig" from "Bielefeld".


Image 010252-01-03

Another example in gold and including the often used addition "Qualitäts Porzellan".
(Picture: Jacqueline Kacprzak)


Image 010252-01-04

Used from 1933 onwards, just the crown above "Bavaria".


Image 010252-01-05

Used from 1933 onwards, just the crown above "Bavaria" above "Qualitäts Porzellan".
(Picture: Fran Kerbs)


Image 010252-01-06

Used from 1933 onwards, registered at the RWZR under №·454·142 on March 8th 1933.


Image 010252-01-07

No introduction date known, but this was the last mark used.

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