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[1] Porzellmanufaktur Düssel & Co. (1892 until 1922)

The company of Düssel & Co. was founded mainly as decoration business in 1892 and there is very little known about it, even if they produced very good decorated items straight from the start. This may appear puzzling at first but it makes complete sense when one knows a little about the background: the also Rehau-based company of Zeh, Scherzer & Co. states the names of Düssel (as external decorator) as well as the name Roth (as factory-own decorator) in their employment lists. Following an internal restructuring process, the company of Zeh, Scherzer & Co. from 1919 onwards slowly disbanded its art department. This in the end forced the decorator Roth to leave in 1921, nearly instantly teaming up with Düssel in 1922.

[2] Porzellmanufaktur Düssel, Roth & Co. (1922 until 1971)

Düssel, Roth & Co., just like its previous form, mainly produced different types of lovely decorated tea- coffee- mocca- and cocoa sets as well as many items with either fused silver or etched gold decorations as well as lustre finish. Especially when taking a close look at some of the rather stunning decorations one wonders why there is not more known about the company. At least it is known that Roth retired in 1945 and the company remained in business under the old name for some years. But even for how long the company actually existed is not well documented, most sources state that the business closed in 1971, others say it already closed in 1966.



Image 010231-01-01

Used between 1892 and 1922, "Dü-Co" above "Kunst" and "Rehau" above "Bavaria".


Image 010231-02-01

Used from 1922 until 1971, crowned "Dö-Co" above "Bavaria".


Image 010231-02-02

Used from 1922 until 1971, a cup (with spoon) and saucer over "Düroco" and "Bavaria".

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