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[1] Porzellanmanufaktur Gisela Keilhauer (1950 until 2007)

The history of this factory actually started off with the small business of Josef Franz Sieber in Schwarza an der Saale near in Rudolstadt (Thuringia) who created fine china lace figurines, reaching his peak production in the 1920s and 30s. Following the Second World War, Franz Sieber soon started to dislike most ideas of the coming socialistic regime and finally decided that it was time to flee when he was expropriated. Together with Gisela Keilhauer and her husband Lothar, the main sculptor, Sieber's fled to the town of Küps in Bavaria. Sieber decided to retire there, but the Keilhauer's established a new factory and continued the production of laced china figurines. Like before, these were completely hand-made and thus very interesting for collectors.

As long as the Keilhauer business existed, it was (as can be seen in old catalogs) located at house number 21 on Zettlitzweg road. Officially, the company was however registered at house number 23, the same location as the Porzellanmanufaktur Karl Klette. Apparently run by Mr. Jürgen Keilhauer, the business and website fell pretty silent in 2007; the website was still active in June 2009 but was disabled August 1st 2009 (even if it was still registered until 2010).



Image 010219-01-01

Basic form of the mark introduced 1950.


Image 010219-01-02

Example of the crowned letter "D" mark.

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