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[1] Haager, Hoerth & Co. (1873 until 1898)

There's not much known about this company except that it was originally founded as small pottery in 1864 and was taken over by Haager, Hoerth & Co. in 1873. Georg Schmider worked there originally and then left to open his own factory. In 1898, the Haager, Hoerth & Co. factory was taken over by Georg Schmider, who made the factory part of his Vereinigte Zeller Fabriken Georg Schmider which at that time consisted of his own factory and the factory formerly belonging to Schaible & Co.. Part of the quickly struck deal with his former employers was that all remaining stock should be sold under the Haager, Hoerth & Co. name, the profit thereof going to the former proprietors. That way they received a bonus to the already paid takeover price and Schmider could instantly use the factory for his own purpose.


As the old stock was still sold by Schmider, a few series produced by the original company were sold with old marks until around 1905. Parallel to that, Schmider in 1898 introduced his own round mark type containing the letters "H.,H. & Co.", showing from which of his factories the items in question came. Various sources indicate that the former proprietors also received a certain percentage from sales of these items.



Image 010111-01-01

No introduction date known, but used until 1898.


Image 010111-01-02

Used a short time from 1898 onwards by Schmider, here on the "Schloss Baden-Baden" item.


Image 010111-01-03

Used a short time from 1898 onwards by Schmider, here on the "Bauernhaus Im Schwarzwald" item.


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Used a short time from 1898 onwards by Schmider.
(Picture: Lisette De Roche).

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